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At AMYS, the quality and services, customers, suppliers and the communities where we do business is our highest priority.

A Company To Change The World We're AMYS.

We are thrilled to welcome you to AMYS business consulting firm. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with the best solutions for your business needs. We offer a wide range of services, including ERP solutions, real estate, travel and tourism, import and export, and many others.

What We Do

AMYS Services We Offer

Travels & Tours

Ease Your Way into a New Country with Our Tourism and Immigration Services and navigate the Complexities.


We envision leveraging our expertise to shape the future of manufacturing textile and accessories.

Import & Export

Streamline Your Global Trade with Our Import and Export Services and maximize Your Business Opportunities.


Transform Your Operations with Our Innovative ERP Solution and empower Your Business with Seamless Processes and Data.

Real Estate

Find Your Dream Home with Our Real Estate Solutions and unlock Your Real Estate Potential.

Business Consultation

Accelerate Your Business Growth with Our Expert Consultation and transform Your Ideas into Reality with our Strategic.

Event Management

Bring Your Event Vision to Life with Our Expert Management and make Your Special Occasion Unforgettable with.


Succeeded Projects


Award Winning

Why Choose Us?

We Produce And Work For
Business Development

When you choose AMYS, you choose a dedicated partner that combines comprehensive expertise, innovation, customer-centricity, quality, tailored solutions, and a commitment to your growth. Experience the AMYS difference and unlock the full potential of your business.

Statistics of growth in the past 2 years:

Technical Solutions

Sustainability Goals

At AMYS, we are committed to minimizing our environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices. We strive to reduce our carbon footprint by implementing energy-efficient technologies, adopting eco-friendly processes, and promoting responsible resource management. Our goal is to contribute to the preservation of the environment and mitigate climate change through sustainable business operations.

Our Latest Projects

All functions including supply chain, value chain, project scheduling, manufacturing, services and spares,
technology, R&D, etc. are integrated to give a complete solutions package.

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    FAQ Of Customer

    If you have any questions please ask us and we will answer you as quickly as possible Make a question now!

    AMYS provides a wide range of services including IT/ERP solutions, tour and tourism services, textile, import and export assistance, real estate expertise, business consultation, and event management. We are dedicated to delivering comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific needs.

    You can reach out to us through our Contact page on the website. Simply fill out the contact form with your details and query, and our team will get back to you promptly. Alternatively, you can find our contact information, including phone and email, on the website for direct communication.

    Yes, AMYS has extensive experience in handling projects of different scales, ranging from small businesses to large enterprises. We have successfully served clients across multiple industries and have the expertise to adapt to the unique requirements of each project.

    The duration of a project can vary depending on its complexity and scope. During the initial consultation, we will assess your specific needs and provide you with a project timeline tailored to your requirements. Our team strives to deliver projects efficiently without compromising on quality.

    AMYS stands out due to its comprehensive expertise across multiple industries, its commitment to innovation and adaptability, and its customer-centric approach. We prioritize understanding your unique needs and delivering tailored solutions. Our dedication to excellence, quality, and a focus on long-term growth differentiates us in the market.

    Yes, at AMYS, we believe in establishing long-term relationships with our clients. We offer ongoing support and maintenance services after project completion. Our team is available to address any queries, provide technical assistance, and ensure the continued success of your business operations.

    Yes, we can provide references and share case studies of our previous projects upon request. We understand the importance of evaluating our capabilities and past performance before making a decision, and we are happy to provide you with relevant information to assist you in your decision-making process.

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